Live Like a Local — Madrid

Live Like a Local — Madrid

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New to town and want to make sure that you have the best experience while in Madrid? It's time for you to experience the city like a local. Our experienced expats went above and beyond to bring you the best of the city.

This guide is over 70 pages covering everything from the best restaurants in town for every type of foodie, the smartest ways to navigate your way around the city, best local things to do in town, nightlife, day trips you can't miss and so much more. 

Are you ready to experience Madrid like a local? 

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What Does The Guide Include? 

  • City Outline
  • How To Get Around The City
  • Madrid Must-Sees
  • Dig In (Your Guide To Local Eats Around the City)
    • Wifi Cafes
    • Brunch Spots
    • Restaurants
    • Instagrammable Spots
  • Best Artisanal Shops 
  • Best Local Things To Do 
  • Art Galleries You Can't Miss 
  • Nightlife Around The City 
  • Regional Festivals 
  • Day Trips Around The Area