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Like A Local Customized Experience

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We handle everything for you, from daily itineraries to the best places to stay in town and we even give you a guide with everything you need to know about Spanish language, currency exchange and much more!  

  • Curated itinerary (for each city) based on your personality profile

  • Recommended hotel or Airbnb stays (If necessary)

  • Best travel recommendations (In-country transportation if visiting more than one city)

  • Top restaurants based on your budget + preferences

  • A chance to connect with other WOC in the area

  • Tips on currency exchange

  • Unique event recommendations (and discounts with certain partners)

  • 5 apps to download before departure

  • Spanish language cheat sheet to prepare for your trip

  • Weather forecast

  • Recommended style guide

  • Personalized map with highlighted points of interest

  • Unlimited email support