Have you always wanted to...

↠ Grow personally and professionally abroad while still having a healthy work/life balance?

↠ Finally learn a new language and meet people from all around the world?

↠ Wake up each day in the country of your dreams and feeling in control of your life?



One of the biggest things holding people back from moving abroad is the uncertainty of the unknown and going it alone. 

Limitless solves all of these problems. We know how frustrating it is to spend hours of time and energy looking for guidance and only finding subpar answers to your questions. 

Because we were once in your position and we get it.


I’m Sienna, founder of Las Morenas de España, and I’ve called Spain home for the past 4 years.
In that time, I’ve been able to grow both personally and professionally in a variety of ways.
I’ve given TEDx talks, spoken at conferences, hosted conferences, traveled internationally and the list goes on…

But, things weren’t always this way.

You see, right out of college, I thought I had it all.
I had scored a great job, in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn where I enjoyed my work and was living a comfortable lifestyle. I was hustling on my creative side-projects and always on the go but I got to a point where I was sacrificing self-care for “success”.
I didn’t realize it at the time but I had no idea who I was or what I really wanted.

For longer than I’d like to admit, I was just treading water until one day, I had a breakdown and realized that I needed a change.

I chose to move to Spain, a place that truly brought me joy and it was one of the best decisions I could have made.

Fast forward to now and I work for a company that I love while also running Las Morenas de España.
I spearhead a team serving 20,000 expats, students, professionals across 190 countries annually.
We have features in NowThis News, Huffington Post, NPR, BET, Essence, Travel Noire, The Local Spain and many more. Most importantly, I have a sense of balance in all areas of my life. You could say I’ve definitely found my feet.

I owe that to taking the path less travelled. Choosing to take time to heal and returning to Spain to explore a new way of life came with trials and tribulations, peaks and pitfalls. It is with all of this lived experience we curate, stories, guides, experiences, resources to support others seeking freedom.

My journey of growth has transformed my life and now it’s my mission to help you transform yours.  

By The End Of The Course

You’re Itching For Change.

You dream about being able to experience different cultures, languages and people, but haven’t found a way to do so yet. Perhaps you already had a taste of life abroad on a college exchange, or an amazing vacation experience.
You’re ready to create many more life-changing memories.


You’re New To Living Abroad.

You’re loving your new lifestyle and want the security and community to continue the adventure. Maybe you’ve been working as teacher or making a career change. You’re ready for more financial security and stability whilst enjoying your great quality of life.


You’re Ready To Transform Your Life.

You’re tired of being tired & going through the motions. You know that creating a new life abroad is the change you’ve been looking for. You may have a partner and family to consider or are ready to progress with your own entrepreneurship goals.
Unlimited freedom and fulfilment are at your fingertips.


↠ How to make the VISA application simple by evaluating the right type for your needs.

↠ Strategies on how to prepare financially for your move and have a stable income abroad.

↠ Endless tips on how to build a network of like-minded professionals in your new country.

↠ Foolproof and tested methods to find work abroad based on your skill sets.

 ↠ Useful tips on transitioning into your dream job, no matter where you're living.

LIMITLESS MODULES "The Class" — over 6 weeks

module six — Bonus classes

Limitless Bonus - Right City/Country
Limitless Bonus — Long Term Timeline
Limitless Bonus - Starting A Business Abroad

You get All what?!

↠ Eight modules with video content and downloadable audio over 6 weeks

↠ Workbooks and resource guides to put what you learned into action

↠ Step-by-step strategies and clarity on your next move

↠ Access to a dedicated Facebook group during the course

↠ Lifetime access to these resources

When you choose the Advanced Package, you also get access to... 

↠ 4 exclusive live coaching sessions (worth over $1000)

↠ Personalized email support for 6 weeks

The total value of Limitless is over $1,300 but we're giving you access to everything for only $395.


Because we believe that moving and creating a life abroad is something that should be accessible to everyone. Now is the time to invest in your future! 

When you get started with Limitless, you will have lifetime access for only $395 to the course content and community forever and when you invest $595, you get full access to the complete advanced package! 


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↠ Eight modules with video content and downloadable audio

↠ Workbooks and resource guides to put what you learned into action

↠ Step-by-step strategies and clarity on your next move

↠ Access to private Facebook group during the course

↠ Lifetime access to Limitless Content

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6 weeks of video training modules

Downloadable workbooks

Dedicated private Facebook community for accountability and support

Lifetime access to course materials 


4 exclusive live coaching sessions (worth over $1000)

Personalised email support for 6 weeks 

6 weeks of video training modules

Downloadable workbooks to map your plan 

Dedicated private Facebook community for accountability and support

Lifetime access to course materials


Judy Ford — Online Coach, Speaker and Author

Judy Testimonial

LMDES has simply been a critical element in making my upcoming life in Spain even possible!

Connecting with LMDES helped me to build strong, viable relationships with other women of color - the kind of relationships that result in sharing the kind of support, resources, and information we need when making these kinds of moves - from the idea phase to the decision-making stage to the bold action phase.The LMDES community makes me feel a part of something greater, in community and not alone, and that even as I embark on this amazing journey fulfilling my own purpose and goals for a life abroad, I do so knowing others have done this before, others are doing this with me and my path will inspire and motivate others coming behind me. When I started on this path I never imagined being connected with a group like this. Now I can’t imagine doing what I am doing, what I am about to do, without LMDES!

Nikki Ndukwe — English Teacher and Social Media Strategist

Nikki Testimonial

When I look back on my journey of how I got here, finding LMDES is where the dream clicked for me — it's when it came to life.

In 2014 when I began researching and applying to jobs in Spain, I stumbled across an article about a Black girl who had moved here. When I look back on my journey of how I got here, finding LMDES is where the dream clicked for me- it's when it came to life. Seeing Black women thrive in a place that I had fallen in love with made living in Spain that much more tangible. Representation and community building hold a special place in my heart, and the LMDES community delivers all of those things and more. Las Morenas De España and the women behind it watered the seed that was my dream of living abroad.

Erin Conner — Business Consultant

Erin Testimonial

I have Google to thank for connecting me with LMDES. It literally changed my life.

LMDES became an online resource for me that met both of those challenges directly and gave me the confidence to make what has ultimately become the best decision of my life.  Their blog posts gave me a window into the realities of life as a black woman in Spain, their webinars and courses outlined the various pathways for obtaining a visa and managing bureaucracy, and just viewing the events they hosted for the community in Spain gave hope from afar that there was a place for me here.  

Kala Bradford — Online English Teacher 


I owe it to LMDES and it’s founders for revealing my own pathway to success.

When I first heard about LMDES I was absolutely thrilled to find a media platform dedicated to growth abroad. It was humbling to know that there were others out there, just like me, who shared in my aspirations and goals. LMDES is not a publication based on exclusivity - I have friends from all over the world that enjoy the content made available and the resources LMDES provides. They have given me comfort and a very specific kind of understanding that I wouldn't be able to find at home. Even though I am still working on my own personal goals, I owe it to LMDES and it’s founders for revealing my own pathway to success. The resources and programs can help aid in professional networking and development and it’s goal oriented.

We look at living abroad in a holistic manner. For us, living abroad isn’t just taking photos for Instagram and blogging about our cool trips every weekend. LMDES is about creating a life you don’t need to escape from. We’re unique because we approach sharing knowledge from a realistic point of view. Not just sharing the good things but being able to talk about the harder experiences from a “fair” perspective, but always sharing possible solutions or reasons why something has happened.


We know what it’s like to be on both sides of the board and we openly communicate the benefits of living in a new country as well as the hardships, hoping to make the transition for others much easier that what it would be without us.

The community that LMDES attracts brings together people who are serious about not just professional development but personal development as well. They are the professionals, the creatives, the entrepreneurs, the individuals who are willing to do things a little differently and want to put their happiness over anything else.


Join us!

LMDES Founder, Sienna Brown