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Remote Work in Spain, Exclusive Interview with Business Analyst Christine

“Go slow! You’ll get farther, faster, healthier and happier!” Ever wonder what it’s like working remotely in Spain? Want to try remote work? Meet Christine, a business analyst from Atlanta and based in Barcelona! Hear all she has to say about working remotely in Spain!

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Black in Spain: Beauty Standards and Exoticisms

As a black person living in a country like Spain where the population is largely homogenous – at least in outward appearance – it’s not an uncommon occurrence to find out that you’ve instantly become a walking museum exhibit. For many, you’re one of the few chances they have to get an up-close look – or touch – of this rarely-seen specimen that is a black person. Does that mean it’s ok for someone to breach your personal space for a rub of your skin or a grab at your hair? No. But it does help explain why it’s happening. 

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Why You Should Move Abroad In Your 30s

Why should you move to Spain in your 28s? Your 33s? Your 42s? Because. You. Want. To. And unlike the vast majority of the 23-year-olds you are bound to encounter, you’ve lived that adult American life, and you know exactly what you’re walking away from. If you're on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge, this article is for you! 

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How The Game Has Changed for LMDES and What It Means For The Future

Missed us? During 2018 we’ve been able to get back to the heart of LMDES, asking ourselves the hard questions like where we see LMDES going, what does our audience need and want from us, and how can we keep innovating this dope and thriving community that we’ve spent the last 4 years growing? Keep reading to find out more.

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Is It Possible to Keep Healthy Habits While Traveling?

Healthy travel is an all-around hollistic experience that leaves you feeling fuller, richer, and more grounded tan before. Sound impossible? It really isn't! 

Here are a few small, and manageable tips you can implement into your next travel routine, and start seeing the effects immediately. 

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Watch, Listen, Do, Read: February Round Up

We're starting a new series of content on LMDES loosely titled: Watch, Listen, Do, Read. It's a monthly round up of our current faves, hobbies, and obsessions! We realize that the most enriching part of belonging to such a dynamic community of creatives, artists and entrepreneurs is that we can share and vibe. If you all enjoy this series, we'll keep it going fueled by your suggestions! 

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