What To Pack: Summer Vacation In Spain

Summer travel always seems to be one for the books. Whether you’re going on a solo adventure or headed on a group trip with all of your crew. No matter what you plans are, exploring new places is always the best but when heading out, you want to make sure that you’re as prepared as possible.

No one wants to be roaming the streets of a new city with the words “tourist” written all over them. So, if you’re headed to Spain anytime soon, we’re going to give you some tips to make sure you’re dressed to impress while snagging the local style as you explore this beautiful country. Spain is known for being a stylish country and it’s time to share some essentials that you will need to pack for your vacation in Spain. 


Light and Flowy Fabrics

During summer temperatures can get pretty high so if you’re taking a trip to Spain anytime from May until late September be sure to pack accordingly. You don’t want to be worried about feeling sticky while you should focusing on the beautiful sights and people around you. Make sure to pack light and flowy fabrics. Whether it’s a high-waisted skirt or a long maxi dress, not only will you save space in your suitcase and you’ll thank yourself later. Light and flowy fabrics will keep you cool during the day and then if you layer it with a light sweater at nighttime, it’s the perfect transition.


Comfortable, Cute Sandals (or Wedges)

Even though you’ll probably be walking a bit during your trip to Spain, if you’re trying to blend in, sneakers are a no-go. During the summer, almost everyone will be sporting comfortable sandals or wedges to get them through the day. Choose a neutral color so that you can rock them during day and night and also with whatever outfit you might have. While exploring Spain during the summer, choosing the right shoes will be key so that you can spend your days strolling through the city while still being ready for the ‘gram at all times.

If you want to bring sneakers anyway, think less is more. We love the look of Muroexe shoes because they are the perfect combination of style and comfort without being “too much”.


Sleek Scarves

Make sure you bring a scarf or two in your suitcase. It’s the perfect accessory to pack for your trip to Spain and you’ll get extra points if it’s a pastel or floral pattern. Scarves are fashion staples in Spain and it’s the perfect transition piece that will take your from day to night. It doesn’t take up much space in your suitcase and will be a lifesaver when temperatures drop a bit at night.


Sexy Swimsuit

Now, just because we say sexy doesn’t mean that you need to show everything. If we’re talking about beach etiquette in Spain, the locals are known to bare skin while soaking in the sun but don’t feel pressured if that isn’t what you feel comfortable with. While going to the beach topless is quite common in Spain, it isn’t necessary. So, we recommend you pack for Spain with a swimsuit that you feel great in. Some of the best Spanish beaches can be found in Mallorca, Javea, Barcelona and other small coastal towns throughout the country. While planning your trip to Spain, if you’ll be headed beachside, pack something that can be useful while spending your morning on the sand but can also double as an outfit when you head to a local chiringuito (beach bar) for lunch.



This might seem like a given but don’t forget your sunscreen. The Spanish sun can be quite hot and when you’re on vacation, you’ll probably be out and about during peak hours. During the day, the weather is hot in Spain so make sure that you stay protected while exploring different cities. Oh! And stay hydrated!

Alright, you have some essentials for what to pack during your summer trip to Spain! These are just some ideas to start thinking about your upcoming vacation.