Airport Layover: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Airport Layover

Sometimes life (read: cheap flight prices) brings us to the inevitable reality that long layovers exist. There isn’t always an opportunity to leave the airport and explore the surrounding city and we’re quite aware that the extra time without fresh air can either be a make or break when it comes to keeping your sanity and traveling. Here are some tips on how to keep your sanity when you have a long layover and are stuck in the airport.

Photo via  Skift

Photo via Skift

Go For A Walk or Take a Stretch Break

Sitting on a plane for a long amount of time can take a toll on your body. Once you’re settled in the airport, go for a walk and explore the terminal. Get your body moving or stop and take a stretch break. Find a quiet space and do some breathing and/or yoga to relax.


Catch Up on Reading

Long layovers are the perfect time to get lost in a book. Whether you’re currently into reading inspiration, travel, business or fiction, you finally have the time to sit down and get to it without feeling like time is slipping away from you. Before your leave home, load up your Kindle, iPad or other device and watch the hours fly by.


Get Work Done

If you’re traveling on business or you are someone who always has a full to-do list, traveling and layovers could be the key to productive work sessions. Without distractions of Slack notifications or emails, you can finally sit down for a few hours and make headway on the big project you’ve been working on. Time to draft out that business plan or edit that video that has been in the works for months and take full advantage of the time you have.



Find time to write about the trip you’re heading on or reflect on the experience you just had. Writing can be extremely cathartic and yet, it is sometimes difficult to get into the habit. Use the time you have waiting for your next flight to reflect, write and focus on all of the things you have to be grateful for in your life.


Treat Yourself

Most airports have day pass availability for their VIP sections and if you’re going to be stuck inside for during a long layover, it might just be worth it. Splurging and paying the extra buck will secure your comfort and it will allow you to be treated like royalty for a few hours while waiting instead of being stuck between the baby crying by the window and the couple sprawled across the waiting bench at your gate.

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