Watch, Listen, Read, Do: March Edition

And we're back with the second edition of Watch, Listen, Read, Do! 

Last month we brought you Black Panther realness, and as we're now in a new month, we've got some new things on our radar! 


Danni: Disjointed


This is a Chuck Lorre show on Netflix that I've recently become obssessed with for many reasons. First off, it stars the legendary Kathy Bates. Not only does she both terrify and amuse me, she's an incredible actress with such a wide range! This show is all about a former lawyer, hippie, mom and activist who owns her own weed dispensary in California and how she navigates said business with her team of misfits. Her son, after "selling-out" and getting an MBA, comes back to help manage the business. The cast is diverse, and although the show is about medical and recreational marijuana use, each character has an fascinating backstory that led them to this point. You'll find yourself both laughing, and wanting to cry at some points. From a veteran with PTSD who tries marijuana for the first time, and instantly sees results to a medical school drop-out who doesn't want to help people the traditional way, but an alternative way (all the while not disappointing her traditional Chinese parents)  to Bates' hilarious (and Black) son who is trying to navigate his mom's laidback business model in the modern world of marketing and scale! You'll come for Bates, however you'll stay with Disjointed because of the magnificently beautiful character development.


Danni: Fitxadu- Sara Tavares



Have you ever had a moment when you're on the train, and it's packed and you can't be bothered, and you¡d rather be transported to a beautiful Paradise where birds sing like angels and you can feel the sun on your skin... but that's not an option? If you sighed, or raised your hand, or even shouted "Amen!" then I may have a happy medium for you, and her name is Sara Tavares. She's an angel, and her voice is one of the most soothing sounds I've ever heard. Sara is a Portuguese Singer of Cape Verdean roots who combines bossa nova and acoustic vibes to make something magical. 


Danni: 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do- Amy Morin

This book is just the reminder that we all need to first, get out of our heads, and second, to remind us that we are strong, capable, and in control over our thoughts and actions. It's no secret that I have General Anxiety Disorder, and although I know, and consider myself to be strong, autor Amy Morin has a way of providing practical and real tips for changing old mental habits. Give it a read, and work at it as much as you can. What I've learned is that habits can be made, but they can also be broken! 



Danni: Invest in a Diffuser

I recommend investing in an essential oil diffuser because the benefits of essential oils are so plentiful that it's imposible to deny that they can and will make a difference in your day to day life! From lavender to tea tree to rose, to vanilla, it's all about finding what makes you feel your best. Madrid tends to be very dry, so if you have the type of diffuser that also heats water and sprays a mist with the oil, it doubles as a humidifier. It works wonders in the Winter months when there's less circulation of fresh air in your flat, or when you're trying to take a long, hot shower, and want to realx even more! Find out what kind of diffuser would work best for you here!