Watch, Listen, Do, Read: February Round Up

We're starting a new series of content on LMDES loosely titled: Watch, Listen, Do, Read. It's a monthly round up of our current faves, hobbies, and obsessions! We realize that the most enriching part of belonging to such a dynamic community of creatives, artists and entrepreneurs is that we can share and vibe. If you all enjoy this series, we'll keep it going fueled by your suggestions! 

Let's get started, shalll we?

Watch: Black Panther


This film is the epitome of Black excellence, Black joy, Black girl / boy magic, and straight up boss in every single aspect. You don't need to be a superhero film fan to appreciate the flawlessness of Madame Lupita! This is a Marvel film, and it also happens to be the highest grossing pre-sale film in the history of Marvel. Congrats to director, Ryan Coogler! Why is that a big deal? It's a not-so-subtle reminder of how much buying power and control we have within the community. It also is a giant step towards representation and inclusión. Black Panther pre-sales beat out other well-known Marvel films like the Avengers and Captain America!  It's projected to earn somewhere around 400 million dollars, and it even has a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and those ornery folks hate everything! 


Listen: No_One Ever Dies - NERD


Technically the NERD álbum came out in late December, but we're in Spain, so give us a pass, pretty please? This álbum has it all! From Queen RiRi to Pharell's ageless skin, I mean voice, it's great for singing along in the car, or pushing through that last KM at the gym. Plus, who doesn't want to hear an adlib that says: "mad ethnic right now!" If you've only Heard Lemon, do yourself a favor and also throw Voilà into rotation. 


Do: Morning Mindfulness


We've been using (and obsessing over) the free app Aura. Every day you're given a free three-minute meditation. Three minutes. Who doesn't have three minutes to invest in their mental health? You can do this meditation while still lying in bed if that's how the spirit moves you. It takes 66 days to form a habit (even though the myth says 21 days) and with Aura, you can also track your daily progress and reach milestones too. The interface is gorgeous and user-friendly. Looking for a free way to get started on your midfulness journey? Here you go! 


Read: The Book of Harlan - Bernice L. McFadden



This is the type of book that sinks its teeth into you, and doesn't let go. McFadden has a skill and it's that she can make the mundane seem extraordinary and the extraordinary relatable and realistic. This is the story of Harlan a jazz musician, who according to GoodReads was: " captured by the Nazis in Paris and imprisoned at the Buchenwald concentration camp.
The Book of Harlan opens with the courtship of Harlan’s parents and his 1917 birth in Macon, Georgia. After his prominent minister grandfather dies, Harlan and his parents move to Harlem, where he becomes a musician. Soon, Harlan and his best friend, trumpeter Lizard Robbins, are lured across the Atlantic Ocean to perform at a popular cabaret in the Parisian enclave of Montmartre—affectionately referred to as “The Harlem of Paris” by black American musicians.

When the City of Light falls under Nazi occupation, Harlan and Lizard are thrown into Buchenwald, the notorious concentration camp in Weimar, Germany. The experience irreparably changes the course of Harlan’s life.

Based on exhaustive research and told in McFadden’s mesmeric prose, The Book of Harlan skillfully blends the stories of McFadden’s familial ancestors with those of real and imagined characters." It's got great use of Southern Black dialects and vernacular as well as a compelling, yet relatable plot. We read it in just over a day, and we hope you love it! 

There you have it, beautiful humans. This is what's been on our radar during the month of February! 

Keep an eye out for the next installment of "watch, listen, do read" from your faves at LMDES!