The Ultimate Travel Accessory for the Digital Nomad

Quite often people associate travel with vacation, but, we have to remember that there are many people out there whose lifestyles entail seeing different parts of the world as their job. We call them, the digital nomads; those of our generation who don’t let location affect productivity, whose work desks can be found on a beach, in a café or whichever AirBnb they happen to be staying at for the week.

Photo via  Zeroanodino  for LMDES

Photo via Zeroanodino for LMDES

When you’re always on the move, organization is key and when it comes to travel essentials, This is Ground is on the top of our list. The LA based brand continues to perfect how we define organization in the most creative ways. From their cord tacos, which are innovative mechanisms to store and keep your chargers untangled, to phone wallets that store all of your necessities, the brand has got it down.



Photo via  @siempregirando

Photo via @siempregirando

In an instant, we’ve fallen in love with the Mod Laptop 2, their newest product which is set to launch July 14th. We were chosen to try it out pre-launch and share it’s goodness with all of you. The case is designed not only to protect your laptop but also to store all of the other things you need whether you’re headed away for a work trip or down the street to collaborate on a new project. With specially crafted spaces for everything from your Ipad to credit card to glasses, the Mod Laptop 2 makes life simpler for everyone. 

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