10 Essential Travel Accessories Under $50

Have a trip coming up? On a tight budget? Don’t worry, we got you! Here are some great  travel accessories will help you for your next trip without putting a huge hurting on your pockets. We dare you to get through this post without whipping out your wallet at least once! 

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Great way to protect your phone, credit cards, cash, ID, small camera, and other valuables from outdoor elements. Use this for when you go on a boating, swimming, rafting, diving or skiing. You definitely won't regret it! 

This is a great way to protect you credit cards from being scanned by scammers while travel (especially in tourist areas) Can fit your cards, cash, phone, ID, chapstick, mini mirror. Great to take with you while on a night out. Better safe than sorry is what they always say, no? 


Universal Outlet Adaptor


This is a MUST for those who do a lot of international traveling. It works for over 150 countries with US, UK, EU, and AUS plugs. It's much more convenient to come prepared than to scramble around in a new country upon arrival! 


Passport Holder w/ RFID Blocking


This is a cute passport holder for the aspiring wanderluster. It comes with RFID blocking to keep your information protected by scammers too! Look cute while protecting your assets! 


Vintage Travel Journal


Document your adventures with this cute vintage journal. It's easy to let memories fade throughout the years of traveling, but that's why journaling is key. Take a moment while on the road to write down fun details, observations, your feelings in that moment in time. Future you will high-five current you. Promise. 


Cord Tacos


Protect your headphones, phone chargers, USB and camera cords with these cord tacos. This can keep all of your electronic cords organized without tangling and/or tearing. Cause ain't nobody got time for that!


Portable Laptop Lock



This compact cable cord is a great tool to keep your laptop secure from potential thieves while using it in public in the airport, plane or at an Internet cafe.


Travel Towel


Don’t get caught slippin' in the heat. This lightweight and compact travel towel  is great to have on hand to wipe sweat on your face in hot climates or a heated plane. It is made with a microfiber that gives it a gentle and soft touch when coming in contact to the skin.


Packing Cubes


Packing cubes is a great way to organize your belongings in your luggage without going through the stress of unpacking all of your items to find one specific thing. It allows you to compress your items, which can protect your clothes and items from wrinkling or damaging.


Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sack


Traveling from one weather extreme to another? Get a cute but compact shoe bag, so you can change from your snow boots to your cute sandals when you arrive to your destination without compromising comfort.

There you have it! Here are 10 travel accessories under 50 dollars that will make your next trip even better! We're all for traveling well, traveling smart, and traveling on a budget! It doesn't cost a fortune to see the world if you know where to look! What accessories will you bring on your next trip?

Tell us below! 

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