5 Yoga Festivals In Spain You Don't Want to Miss

Spain is well known for having beautiful festivals across the country. The most popular festivals tend to celebrate Spanish cultural and food and in the last 10 years, music festivals have also been a strong point of interest to people coming to visit Spain.

However, there is also a growing amount of festivals that are catered to celebrating the yogi lifestyle. With yoga increasing in popularity, these festivals are one of my favourite reasons for travelling around Spain. As a yoga teacher, this has also given me more opportunities to meet other teachers and students too.

Over the years, I have watched how small yoga festivals have now become internationally known, with a real sense a global yoga community. The best part about these festivals is that they reflect and promote greater change  — on a personal level and in the wider collective.



Barcelona Yoga Conference

This was the festival that inspired me to live and work in Barcelona. Every year, this festival becomes bigger and includes many well-known yoga teachers from across Spain and internationally.

The festival is currently held in a school campus, which offers many rooms and open spaces to do the classes. There is also a ogi village, where you will find stalls and a stage for music. The stalls range from yoga products to delicious veggie food - a chilled out place to relax between classes, to soak up the sun and receive good energy from kirtan. I also recommend going to the free kirtan concerts throughout the day and in the evening.


Festival Mantras

Mantra is music for the soul. It is usually an interactive concert, where the audience can chant along and enjoy the energy. Have you ever wondered why chanting makes you feel good? On a deeper level, it’s much more than yoga music. To understand the benefits of mantra and kirtan, we can appreciate the science behind it too. When we chant these sounds, we are stimulating eighty-four meridian points on the upper palate of our mouth (two rows of meridian points on the upper palate and on the gum behind the upper teeth) with our tongue. In turn, this stimulates many areas of our body on a physical level (such as the hypothalamus, the pineal gland and the pituitary gland). As a result, the chemical composition of the brain becomes balanced and we feel it too.

This festival in Madrid will certainly leave you feeling nurtured, light in energy and with a full heart of gratitude.


Photo via  Free Yoga

Photo via Free Yoga

Imagine being in an outdoor yoga class with hundreds of yogis, in a beautiful location. This is exactly what this event does. Taking place in both Barcelona and Madrid, this event hosts an annual mass outdoor yoga class in some of the city’s iconic locations. This year, it was held in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor square.

Homenaje A La Tierra

Set in the mountains, this festival is really all about digging deep into the Earth and celebrating her for everything. I have fallen in love with this festival for how it in cooperates a real sense of ritual in every moment. There is space to dance, to try therapies and yoga and to be with people who are (quite literally!) down-to-earth and leading a spiritual yogi lifestyle.


The mountains in Catalonia hold so many events like this one - it’s worth exploring these areas more and you will be surprised at the treasures you will find here! This is one of the reasons I call Catalonia my yoga home.

If you’re planning to visit the Canary Islands, come and check out this festival. Held on the island of Gran Canaria, this festival is located in a beautiful hotel for a few days each year. The Canary Islands enjoy good weather throughout the year, with a rich culture of its own. Similar to the Barcelona Yoga Conference, it hosts many international teachers and offers free concerts to enjoy.


Which festival will you be headed to? What other yoga events should be on our radar? 

Tera Kaur is a TCK (Third-Culture-Kid), yoga and meditation teacher for Tera Kaur Yoga - Based in Barcelona and London. When she's not teaching on the beach or local parks of Barcelona, she loves to spend her free time writing for OM Barcelona and travelling.