Top Five Fashion Trends of 2014

With hopes of a 2015 filled with further clarity and development, it’s necessary to reflect on the previous 12 months. Filled with lots of reminisces of the past, 2014 reminded us that it’s acceptable to examine your past for inspiration (ahem, ‘90s mayhem) but remaining contemporary creates evolution. Our five favorite trends from 2014 will surely carry on into the new year and continue to strike inspiration for innovation in 2015. 

Photo via  SiempreGirando

Photo via SiempreGirando


Not solely for brides nor reserved to announce purity, white seemed to overtake the designated Pantone color of the year. Whether in monochrome looks or standout pieces, this clean hue dominated in various cuts and simple styling.


Coupled with the upsurge in “normcore” and minimalistic fashion, casual looks rose amongst all fashion classes this year. Mainly juxtaposed with dressier pieces such as blazers or heels, casual developed into a “comfortable cool” appearance for all occasions.


Ideal for braving cobble-stoned walkways yet versatile enough to correlate with all ensembles, sneakers stomped all over 2014 as every fashionista’s (and practical individual’s) footwear selection.  Paired with a nighttime dress or casual trousers, comfort chic remains for any of your ensembles.

Crop Tops

Crop tops couldn’t be stopped. Layered or solo, these pieces were ideal. Alluding desire yet remaining tasteful, these flattering pieces were showcased on all figures. Layered or solo, crop tops overtook basic tank tops for choice of shirt.


 Once reserved for all-black looks, monochrome received a sophisticated expansion this year. In deep hues and pale blushes, monochrome overtook coordinating ensembles proving one color isn’t one-dimensional. 

Favorite 2014 Look

Solange with an unexpected Bride look—floor-length cape and simple gold accessories—this clean silhouette complimented her huge curls and fierce attitude. The epitome of grace and style, if you ask me, this is the look that broke the Internet. 


Storm is Style Editor at Las Morenas de España. As a lover of travel, writing, fashion, fitness and meeting new individuals, this Austin dweller is constantly fantasizing about her next great adventure that incorporates all of her interests. Storm is currently completing her last year as an International Studies undergrad while battling reminiscences of Spain.