Top Female Bloggers Killing the Game (And A Free Blogging Guide)

If you're about that Blog Life, then some of these names may sound familiar. But either way, you're in for a treat. There's nothing like pure, positive, straight-up girl power! LMDES has been in the game for a few years now, and when we are in need of inspiration, or simply want to support women that we admire, here's who we look towards. These women, all unique in their own right, are fabulous, unapologetic, and well, killing the game.

We admire their creativity, their entreprenurial spirit, their drive and persevearance. Being a female blogger isn't an easy job at all, but you couldn't tell be looking at these dope queens!

Enough fan-girling! Let's get into it!


Cyndi Ramirez

Taste The Style

What to expect:

Taste The Style is one of the go-to blogs for anyone who is interested in food, fashion and all things trendy. When you head to the site you will fine amazingly well curated imagery, the newest spots in town to check out and endless inspiration from fellow boss babes. We love TTS because it gives new light to what it means to be a multifaceted women in this day and age. Proving you can love it all and have a place to indulge in all you need. Not to mention, we're always in love with how original the content is. 

Visit Taste The Style Here!


Danielle Moss

The Everygirl

What to expect:

If you're a fan of interior design, be prepared to swoon. Apart from that, The Everygirl is just what its names proclaims: a site where women can go and find refuge and inspiration and advice on everyday topics such as wellness, fashion, culture and travel. It's down-to-earth and oh-so-pretty to look at! This is one of the blogs that you can head to and get lost for hours and find relatable content no matter where you are in your life journey. Also, if you're looking for career and financial advice, it's a gold mine! 

Visit The Everygirl here! 


Athena Calderone

Eye Swoon



What to expect:

Flat lays, recipes, and foodie-inspo galore! It's Julia Childs meets My Domaine. If you're looking for inspiration for a party or function, look no further. You can literally find it all here! Effortlessly chic interior design. Simple, but rich and highly satisfying recipes. This and much more can be found on Athena Calderone's blog Eye Swoon. From getting an inside scoop on her infamous dinner parties, replete with tips and tricks for your own entertaining needs, to the online store filled with everything you create your own swoon-worthy moment, Eye Swoon always delivers when in need of inspiration for the home and beyond.

Speaking of...

Lauren Conrad


What to Expect:

If you like to shop while you browse, then look no further. On MyDomaine, you will find all types of design inspiration, ways to optimize and all around tips on living fabulously. MyDomaine is one of those sites that again, touches on just a bit of everything. From home deco to career tips and even relationship advice, MyDomaine is for you. Get lost in the visual goodness while also gaining meaningful information along the way. 

Check out more here! 

Camila Coelho

Super Vaidosa



This Brazilian beauty blogger has been on the scene for a while now, and if you don't know her yet, you'll want to add her to your list of faves ASAP! She makes videos in both Portuguese and English and is also very active on social media. She's got over 5 million Instagram followers, so she must be doing something right! That said, find beauty tips and tutorials as well as fashion inspiration! She'll take you behind the scenes of the hottest events along with her best friend (also definitely worth checking out) Aimee Song of Song of Style.

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