Lesbinomadic Shares: Top Travel Destinations for Queer Couples

The concept of documenting travel has always been around: fancy articles documenting where to go, the best places to eat, the chicest places to stay, and a myriad of other things that wanderlusters often soak up have long been the center of travel journalism. Since the beginning, the central focus of travel media was usually the where and the what. It wasn’t until recent years that the who became a central idea of travel platforms. The popularity of blogging and social media gave way to the diversification of the narrative of the travel industry, highlighting the experiences of those who live at the intersection of various identities. Now, hundreds of blogs and platforms cater to a demographic that was previously ignored and overlooked. Documenting traveling while Black, traveling as a queer person, and solo traveling as a woman are all important experiences that have come to the forefront in recent years.

For Stephanie and Taylor, the ladies behind the popular Instagram Lesbinomadic, the mission was to inspire and empower queer women of color to see the world and to know that a life of travel is indeed possible. In only one year on Instagram, they’ve been able to offer a diverse representation of what both love and travel looks like.

After years of travel, their adventures have landed them in Madrid, Spain where they are both working as Auxiliares de Conversación and exploring more of Europe. After traveling to 12 countries around the world as two queer women of color, a few destinations top their list of places to experience as a couple!


Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand offers a sense of peace and clarity coupled with the breathtaking views of forested mountains, making this a destination that is sure to be unforgettable. Besides the picturesque landscape, the openness and acceptance of the LGBTQ community is alluring for many travellers. “The friendliness and open-mindedness towards the LGBTQ community coupled with those peaceful vibes and the temperate elephant filled forests of the north has made thailand pretty much the only country we could see ourselves returning to in the near future.”


New Zealand- South Island

Those in search of breathtaking natural landscapes would feel in heaven on the South island of New Zealand. The South Island is the larger island of the two, but home to only a third of the country’s population which, for Stephanie and Taylor gave the island and exclusive feel that is perfect for couples. “The feeling of isolation gave the feeling that every beach was a private beach, every creek was a secret haven, and every trail was a forgotten one.” The private, isolation of the island and the wonderful conversations shared with the New Zealanders made this one of their top destinations.


Southern France  


The stunning Côte d'Azur is a top travel destination for a reason. Taking a stroll through the towns and soaking in all of the colors and enjoying the delicious seafood and Rosé of the French Riviera makes it live up to all the hype. For foodies and photographers, the delicious seafood and the crystal blue waters of the Cote d'Azur should make this the first on your list.


Southeastern Italy

Getting lost in the gorgeous landscapes of Italy was one of the most memorable and enchanting experiences for Stephanie and Taylor. If you’re looking for a more serene yet affordable experience, travel to a village on the Ionian coast, where the couple says they enjoyed the emerald waters and 1,000 year old stone walls that encircled the villages. “All of a sudden the earth would fall away, and 70 feet bellow you were the warm, shallow, emerald waters of the Ionian sea.”

Travel is more than just gorgeous photos for Stephanie and Taylor. As two queer woman of color, their narrative is much needed in an industry that is either white washed, heteronormative or both. “We've learned that every traveler who belongs to a minority group is an ambassador for their people in whatever place they travel to. Just by their mere presence and daily interactions abroad they're breaking down stereotypes, phobias, intolerance and prejudices.”

Through sharing their stories as travelers, they offer representation and insight on their experiences as a lesbian couple, and in turn encourage others to embark upon adventures together.


What is the core value of Lesbinomadic?

"We created lesbinomadic with the goal to inspire and to help empower others like us to travel. we hope to foster a more diverse representation of what travelers look like and love like,  and eliminate as much racial, sexist, and homophobic ignorance as possible through that representation.”

Nikki Ndukwe is a twenty-something writer, “hobby-tographer” and full-time travel enthusiast. The self-proclaimed Southern-Nigerian is from Houston, Texas but is always on the move. She enjoys plotting new adventures, learning new languages and sipping on Galician wine where she currently lives in Ourense, Spain. You can follow her at @ohhellonikki on Instagram for more!