Tinder 101: The 'Dos and 'Don'ts' of Tinder Etiquette

Your nails painted? Hands moisturized? And your cell phone storage…have room for at least one more app? If you answered 'yes' to all of these inquiries, then what are you waiting for? Stop waiting on “the one” to simply fall into your lap! Download Tinder, and get those fingers swiping!

Now I admit, I was leery about jumping onto the “online dating” bandwagon. Seemed a little shady, a tad unsafe, and somewhat demeaning to oneself – as in “is this what I’ve succumbed to? Dating online?” But honestly, my experience wasn’t anything like that! I ended up meeting some pretty interesting guys who indeed had lots going for themselves which eventually led to fun date nights, fond memories, and even crazier encounters!

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Considering how you’re probably already eagerly downloading the app, I’d like to slightly slow ya down a bit and prepare you for what all this journey has in store! With these helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be sending me Save the Dates in no time! 


Don’t be Dumb

Harsh words, but hear me out!

Oftentimes people mistakenly think that because you have to have a Facebook account in order to activate your Tinder account, most profiles are accurate and basically legit. But au contraire, my lovelies! Even Facebook profiles can be either robotic or even falsified.

Don’t ever think that everything your prospects upload within their bios and pics too are the real deal. Always be on alert, cautious, and definitely on guard!

Funny story – One of my interests ended up being a FLAT OUT LIAR! Lying about his age was only the beginning…needless to say that after a thorough Google search, I found out the truth and haven’t spoken to him since!


 Time is of the Essence

I’m sure y’all have noticed that we’re living in a day and age where we want information as quickly as possible. Therefore, our dating lives shouldn’t be any different.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to go and establish a relationship off one swipe, but after you’ve swiped, had an ongoing conversation filled with cute emojis and witty exchanges, then go ahead and PLAN! Plan a date! Plan an adventure while you’re at it! Just make sure that whatever you do doesn’t involve sitting around for days messaging one another for days on end. You’ll both lose interest and it will ultimately be a waste of your time.


Plagiarism Kills

Stop copying and pasting!!! Your tagline and that entire paragraph you were clever enough to save to your Notes app – toss them! Believe me when I say that us girlies can ALWAYS tell when you have sent us a pre-typed message.

We read it, send it to our friends, and laugh at your lack of originality for a smooth 23 minutes.

An Actual Message Received – I believe myself to be a King and I’m sure you believe that you are a Queen. I’m assuming you’re on Tinder in order to find something special, something meaningful, something true. Us connecting is only the beginning to getting one step closer to you and I achieving that…together.

If you think about it, it really doesn’t take much to look at our bios and pics with efforts to gather information about us in order to strike up an interesting conversation. But if that’s too much or even too challenging, a simple “Hey! How are you?” will do!


 Don’t Underestimate Your Distance…nor Theirs

Meeting prospects in your respective areas is relatively easy – just set your radius to 25 miles. Want to expand your choices, however? Then increase your distance even more. This not only gives you more options, but also increases your likelihood of meeting someone you’re very compatible with.

Don’t take this for granted, however. Regardless if you are searching within a huge city or a small rural area, the world is, in fact, teeny tiny. Matching with someone who happens to be the neighbor of one of your other matches is quite possible and running into one match while on a date with another…yeah, that can happen too!

Funny story – Out of my 92 matches, two just happened to be neighbors…in the same apartment complex…on the same floor…awkward!


Log Off

I’m not saying he/she is the one, but if you really are serious about finding the one and you’ve found someone who not only fits your criteria, but you have lots of fun with as well, then consider taking yourself off the Tinder Meat Market.

Have you matched with a couple of prospects that have your interest peaked? Exchanged digits and now y’all have a couple of dates under your belt? Well, go ahead and think about logging off (keyword: think).

I’m not saying he/she is the one, but if you really are serious about finding the one and you’ve found someone who not only fits your criteria, but you have lots of fun with as well, then consider taking yourself off the Tinder Meat Market.


Don’t be Too-Trigger Happy

Tinder really is fascinating! You can upload a few pics of yourself, include a bio, set your preferences, and within no time, be matched with potential bae’s! And guess what!?! Tinder makes it feel almost like it’s a game! You get so sucked in, that it eventually becomes addicting.

Before you go to rehab though, make sure you steady your pace. Yes, be more like the tortoise in the race because being put in Tinder jail where connecting with more Tinderoni’s is restricted is absolutely NO fun at. all.

Funny story – After matching with over 90 guys in less than one hour, Tinder restricted my access for 12 whole hours…OUCH! (Read more here!)


Don’t Judge a Book…

You know the rest, but do you actually apply this concept in your dating world? For those who don’t, take a step back. Before you swipe left, because your attraction is only slight, be sure there aren’t any other interesting elements to that person that may actually result in either a great friendship or even something more.


Go Vintage

Now I’m not for certain, but I have a pretty good feeling that you have this app preloaded and ready to go by now which is great! But let’s not forget the ole organic ways of doing things. Ya know, going out on a Friday night in your heels, dressed to impress, and girlfriends in tow!

Tinder has its advantages, but essentially it’s the same as canvasing your local bar, concert, or sporting event virtually looking for “the one”. The one you’re attracted to and wish to learn more about. Sometimes, however, actually getting up and at em’, instead of merely swiping, can prove loads more rewarding and even more fun!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that my tips and tricks are going to make a world of a difference as you enter the online world of dating. Nonetheless, if I’ve left any out and you’d like to share some of your own experiences, be sure to comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

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