The Best Tapas Experience In Granada

When you hear of Granada, some of the first things that come to mind are its extensive history, beautiful architecture and of course, the tapa culture. While tapas have become a worldwide sensation, it originates in Spain and dates back to before the 19th century. Since then, a tradition that was once used to cover the top of glasses to protect drinks from flies has now evolved to an art form. 

The Best Tapas Experience In Granda

Granada is infamous for its tapas culture where a wide range of restaurants will bring you a different tapa with each drink that you get. During our Granada retreat, we decided to take the tapa experience one step further by going on an exclusive tapas tour with Food Lover Tour Granada and by the end of the experience, it was about more than just tapas, but instead a fully immersive cultural and historical experience. 

We quickly realized that the experience is about more than just food, but each tapa was well thought out and curated with an emotion in mind. 

Food Lovers Tour Granada
Tapas Tour Granada

During our 3 hour experience, we were led by Belen and Hadrien, two foodies who are passionate about sharing local experiences and knowledge, not only about the food we were eating but taking it a step further and sharing endless knowledge and the stories behind where we were and what we were eating. Our tour taught us many things but it’s time to share our top three tips on how the best way to experience tapas in Granada. 

Go With Someone Who Knows 

Best Tapas Tour In Granada
The best tapas experience in Granada

Being led through the streets of Granada by two guides who know the city like the back of their hand created a sense of ease when it came to enjoying our culinary experience. Quite often, when you’re visiting a new city, there are so many options and restaurants that it’s hard to know where you’ll get the best food and atmosphere. Having an experience with tour guides, makes it about more than just the food, but also a combination of culture and history as well. 

Be Open To A Range Of Flavors 

Best tapas in Granda

While many people think that tapa culture is just Spanish ham and cheese, it goes far beyond that. In one of the tapas capitals in the world, you’re able to try a range of different flavors and drinks to accompany them. One of the best parts of Food Lover Tour Granada was how adaptable they were to various food sensitives, making sure that there was something for everyone. 

We tried seafood grilled in front of our eyes, olives from local regions and even Moroccan desserts. All that was offered to us was well thought out, creating a journey for our senses built with intention. 

Experience and Environment Go Hand In Hand 

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Each of the locations that we were brought to had a unique atmosphere that impacted the entire experience. When we entered each location, the owners knew our tour guides by name and welcomed us as if we were family. We learned about the history of each place and were able to enjoy everything with ease. There’s something for everyone and all of the places that you’ll explore during the tour, whether you go alone, a group of friends, or with LMDES Getaways will open your mind to another part of Granada that you didn’t know existed before. 

While tapas is an essential part of Spanish culture and in Granada, even more so, making sure you have an immersive and impactful experience is key. Food Lover Tour Granada is a great place to start and get an introduction to all the the city and the country has to offer from cuisine, history to even local culture.