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Introverts Make The Best Solo Travelers

Since I was a child — middle child at that — I’ve always cherished time to myself. After a long day of being huddled up with friends at school, I gleefully leapt off of the bus and ran to my room to be alone with my books. At 26, not much has changed but the scenery. I’ve exchanged crowded classrooms for museums and yellow school buses for bullet trains and Amazonian fields.

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Why Solo Travel Will Make You Fall In Love With Yourself (Even More)

Solo travel can often teach you so many things about both yourself and how you interact with the world around you. More importantly, it can remind you that there is so much more to your complex beautiful self than what meets the eye. When you give yourself an opportunity to be authentically you, it comes with the realization that deep within, there’s greatness.

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Why Everyone Should Travel Alone

There are an endless number of quotes about taking the road less traveled, and they all surmount to one thing - the end destination is a lot better than you could ever imagine. Traveling to new places with friends and family has become common amongst young people, but we often forget that some of the best experiences from travel come from setting out on our own.

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