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5 Ways the Black Girl Introvert Finds Freedom in Solo Travel

I’m Black. I’m a Girl (big ‘G’). I’m an introvert. Funny how those things aren’t often thought of as going together – Black Girl Introvert (BGI) – and, in America, how often those things aren’t allowed to go together. We break down just how the BGI finds freedom in solo travel in this piece! 

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Introverts Make The Best Solo Travelers

Since I was a child — middle child at that — I’ve always cherished time to myself. After a long day of being huddled up with friends at school, I gleefully leapt off of the bus and ran to my room to be alone with my books. At 26, not much has changed but the scenery. I’ve exchanged crowded classrooms for museums and yellow school buses for bullet trains and Amazonian fields.

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