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5 Books to Reignite Your Wanderlust

Taking the leap to travel can be hard; there’s always something that’s holding us back. It could be a variety of reasons: not enough money, not knowing another language, fear of missing out (FOMO) on the lives of your friends and family, or the fear of the unknown. Sometimes, we need an extra touch of inspiration to get us up and seeing the world as we imagine it and more. Here are 5 books that will reignite your wanderlust!

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7 Books That Inspire Innovation and Success

Reading is fundamental. No really, reading is one of the most positive and rewarding hobbies around! What do entrepreneurs, business moguls, politicians and scientists all agree on? Books. Reading. Not the same book, per say, but reading in general expands horizons. If you've been feeling a bit hum drum recently, these books will inspire in ways you never knew possible! 

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