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Why 'A Seat at the Table' isn't Just an Album: It's a Manifesto

This album is a tear-stained love letter to blackness and black people, the type of letter you carry on your person and reread everyday to feel closer to love and made whole when you feel broken. Solange, black girl magic muse extraordinaire, has made a musical manifestation of the famed phrase, “speak softly and carry a big stick”—and we, black people, are all the way here for it.

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Creating An Authentic Life: How Self-Care Leads to Joy

I believe it is time we reclaim the wisdom of self-care from this backlash with the truth of what self-care is really all about, what self-care really looks like and how practicing a lifestyle of self-care, especially for those who work in service of others, is necessary, essential and can be achieved without the luxury price tag. Learn how! 

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