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Black in Spain: Beauty Standards and Exoticisms

As a black person living in a country like Spain where the population is largely homogenous – at least in outward appearance – it’s not an uncommon occurrence to find out that you’ve instantly become a walking museum exhibit. For many, you’re one of the few chances they have to get an up-close look – or touch – of this rarely-seen specimen that is a black person. Does that mean it’s ok for someone to breach your personal space for a rub of your skin or a grab at your hair? No. But it does help explain why it’s happening. 

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Paseítos: Meet Majida

Paseítos is the newest LMDES video series where we bring you stories, advice and inspiration from the expat community that has been living in Spain for quite some time. Chatting with entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, foodies and more you’ll get to hear what life is like from our diverse group of expats. Meet Majida. 

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