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5 Ideas For Your Next Baecation

Romance! It means something completely different depending on who you ask! While some couples prefer the “traditional” romantic gestures such as flowers, and chocolate, other couples lean more towards the “functional” romance… you know, when your partner cooks dinner and takes care of the clean-up too? Swoon! 

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Less Is More: The Truth About Friendships While Traveling The World

For the past year, I stood (not so idly) by and lived a roller coaster of a first year abroad. I didn’t miss my hometown of Montreal much, not for a lack of meaningful relationships and love for the city I call home, but because I was busy living. Now that my time teaching in mainland China is up, I’ve taken some time to reflect. I’m excited to go home, but not without apprehension. “What’s there to be concerned about, KB?” Short answer? Friendships are at times a casualty of travel.

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life

The Sophisticated Life is a beautiful look at what life could be if you choose to go after what you truly want and create a living around it. Nadeen shares useful resources for travelers as well as an inside look of how to live a sophisticated travel lifestyle without necessarily breaking the bank. We got to speak to Nadeen on everything from why everyone can be a jetsetter, how travel has transformed her life to advice on traveling with loved ones. 

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