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How Moving To Europe Can Help You Finally Get Fit

When getting ready to move to Europe, the thought of weight gain (or weight loss) is probably one of the first things that come to mind, and with good reason. The endless accessibility to fresh bread and high quality yet affordable wine is tempting on so many levels. I’ll start by saying this, while living in Spain I’ve been the heaviest weight I’ve ever been in my life, as well as the healthiest. Hear me out...

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The Hard Truth: Growing Pains Are Universal

Unless it's something very very specific that you want... like baguettes and fresh jamón for instance in Spain.. you aren't going to find a solution to your real issues by up and moving. As great as my bedroom view of Madrid is, it will get old fast. The language, the change of pace, the newness... all of that will lose it’s freshness & you'll be left wondering why you are still unhappy? Why is this dope ass opportunity still a bit unfulfilling, unsatisfying?

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Why I Moved Abroad With My Family

I have always wanted to move to Europe and become a photographer. I was indoctrinated into being a Francophile as a child by my French immersion public school education.  There has always been something about Europe that pulled at my heartstrings and I have always known the moment I had a chance to go that I should. The Spain happened...

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