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The Beauty Of Coming Back: The Ups and Downs of Long Term Travel

Having the ability to travel the world is something that is a luxury that is not afforded to everyone. Being able to see and experience new places is a complete blessing that should not be taken in stride. In the last month, I was in constant movement, traveling for both work and pleasure but in that time, I became aware of the many affects that “long term travel” can have. Moving through different cities, 15 times in one month was an amazing learning experience and here’s some advice from what I’ve learned. 

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Airport Layover: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Airport Layover

Sometimes life (read: cheap flight prices) brings us to the inevitable reality that long layovers exist. There isn’t always an opportunity to leave the airport and explore the surrounding city and we’re quite aware that the extra time without fresh air can either be a make or break when it comes to keeping your sanity and traveling. Here are some tips on how to keep your sanity when you have a long layover and are stuck in the airport.

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How To Survive a Long Flight in Economy

So, you’ve booked your flight to Hong Kong, Auckland, Moscow, or where ever it is you’re going. There’s just one thing standing in between you and your destination – 16 hours of flight time. Maybe more or less depending on where you’re going. The easy answer is to book business class, but the truth is many of us cannot afford that luxury. Read on for 7 tips on how to survive a long haul flight in economy class.

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