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The Beauty Of Coming Back: The Ups and Downs of Long Term Travel

Having the ability to travel the world is something that is a luxury that is not afforded to everyone. Being able to see and experience new places is a complete blessing that should not be taken in stride. In the last month, I was in constant movement, traveling for both work and pleasure but in that time, I became aware of the many affects that “long term travel” can have. Moving through different cities, 15 times in one month was an amazing learning experience and here’s some advice from what I’ve learned. 

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5 Things to Do When Living Abroad: Expat Checklist

Oh the joys of ex-pat living! Many people tend to romanticize international living. They imagine white sandy beaches, private jets, jungle safaris and of course, a weekend rendezvous to Venice and Marseilles. No shade, the South of France is bae; however, that doesn't mean that fellow longterm ex-pats, nomads and wanderers don't also have to deal with the everyday happenings that may seem boring or just plain bothersome. 

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How to Practice Minimalism While Living Abroad

We currently live in a society where we are bombarded with the desire to constantly buy more, have more and consume more. Being surrounded with endless options every day, often comes with a desire to have it all. Embracing and practicing minimalism helps us to feel happier, healthier and more grateful for what we do have. It’s time to break down some simple ways to start incorporating minimalism into your everyday life.

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