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Mola Mucho: Cutzamala Mexican Restaurant

Cutzamala is a Mexican restaurant with dishes that make my heart smile such as chilaquiles, tacos al pastor and aguas frescas like hibiscus infused drinks and nachos to snack on. What makes this place different? Um, who else used to take advantage of family trips to Sam’s Club to eat all the samples?  Raise those hands, people! There’s something wonderfully exciting and soothing about eating dinner in a market. 

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Dig In With Much Bites: Takos Al Pastor

Adult that I am, believe you me that I had never eaten tacos until last September in New York. As I ate this flavorful piece of corn flour tortilla and meat relish, I found the flavor explosion just WOW!! As recommended, I squeezed some lime and added the accompanying chilli sauce. As I took the second bite, I could only ask myself, "Why on this green earth had you never eaten this before?" Sadly, my friends forbade me from eating more tacos because we were on a food crawl around New York, and to fully enjoy it, I had to eat tiny amounts at every stop.

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