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Expat Spotlight: Cat Gaa of Sunshine + Siestas and Como Consulting

When you think of long term Spain expats, Cat Gaa is one of the first that comes to mind. Having lived here for almost eight years, started a blog and a business as well as getting married in a few weeks... it seems like she's done it all! Well we got to chat with her about her time in Spain, the brands she runs and advice she has for those looking to move abroad long term. 

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5 Sites To Bookmark If Spain Is On Your Travel Bucket List

This is a wonderful starting point if youre on your way or considering a stay in Spain. What Cat has put together after years of trial and error is absolutely phenomenal. Whether you’re curious about obtaining a driver’s license in Spain, how to apply to the auxiliares program, the cost or living in your new home... or if you’re stationed in Sevilla and need new tapas bars to try; this is the site for you. 

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