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I Ain’t Sorry: Small Steps To Start Living Unapologetically This Year

We are constantly looking to be the best versions of ourselves and to live an authentic life. It's time to take the steps you need to become the kind of person that turns heads when you walk in the room. The solution is different than what you think! 

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Love is in the Air: Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

Every year it seems like the day after the holidays officially end, every single store starts rolling out hearts, chocolate, and all things red gearing up for February 14th. Fortunately, Valentine’s Day has become a day not only for lovebirds, it is a day to celebrate all types of relationships and love.  Whether Valentine’s Day is your thing or not, we’ve got a few outfit ideas and inspiration for any plans.

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Flawless Fall Beauty Favorites

As many of you may know: I, Danni, am a complete and total product junkie. It’s true, but it may also help to know that I hoard other things such as black skinny jeans and buy all of my spices in pairs or triplets, you know, just in case the world runs out of dill. I’ve been experimenting with new beauty products this Fall, and I’d love to share the ones that worked best for me!

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