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Forget What You Heard! Here's the Scoop on Breakfast In Spain

Spanish breakfast is brilliant! Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why it is so? Most of us are used to the “real” breakfast. You know, the heavy, greasy stuff; bacon, pancakes, sausages, etc. That too has its merits but there is something about a small Spanish breakfast that seems to do the job. To be able to appreciate it to the fullest, it is imperative that you do it right. 

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Fam In Town? Where to Head For the Best Meals in Madrid

I’ve been asked a few times about my mum’s in town picks, so here I have them. These places not only provide great food, but also give the chance to catch a unique glimpse into what Spanish gastronomy is becoming. Here's where to take Mom when she's in town! 

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Expat Spotlight: Lauren of Spanish Sabores and Devour Spain

Lauren of Spanish Sabores and Devour Spain is an expat that we truly admire. Since her move to Spain, she's started a successful company and also runs a noteworthy blog on Spanish cuisine. Her desire to support local business and create a life surrounding what she truly loves is inspiring beyond measure. We had the honor to chat with Lauren about how to successfully start a company in Spain, her favorite part of the food culture and why you shouldn't settle for a job you don't like. 

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