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5 Things You Need to Do Your First Year Abroad

I have a lot of goals and philosophies that guide the way I lead my life, but they can all be basically summed up by my desire to live life to its fullest and have no regrets. At times this can be a tough order to fill, especially when I reflect on past mistakes. Hindsight vision really is 20/20, but I try to look at these mistakes as an opportunity to learn something and better myself. As the saying goes, experience is life’s greatest teacher… or something like that.

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A Flawless Guide on How To "Feria" in Spain

The two best seasons to be in Spain are undoubtedly Spring and Fall. Feria is a week-long event celebrated at a different time of year for each city and town, primarily in the South of Spain. Most of these fairs are typically celebrated during the spring or fall, but there are some in the summer. here’s a quick guide that covers some of the more unique traditional aspects to get you in the spirit!

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