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10 Reasons to Raise a Family in Spain

Despite the normal stress of everyday occurrences, my saving grace is my family, and Spain couldn’t be a better place to raise one!  From the amazing weather to great family activities, this list serves to prove that while my daily grind is indeed just as shitty as yours, I don’t mind it because raising a family in Spain rocks! If you're considering moving your family abroad, keep reading! 

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7 Reasons to Say 'Yes' to Adventure

Traditionally we think of adventure as scaling a mountain, skydiving, or taming the rapids.  But adventure is so much more than physical risk.  Adventure is a mindset.  It is an attitude.  It is a lifestyle. For all the reasons to say no to adventure, all you need is one. Here are seven! 

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5 Things I’ve learned about the U.S. since I’ve left the U.S.

I’ve learned a great deal since I made the decision to move abroad. I’ve learned that Google maps is no match for cities older than the U.S. I’ve learned that the ten years I spent navigating the NYC subway system equipped me with the ability to decipher virtually any subway system in the world; and most recently, during a meal in Portugal that left me nothing short of breathless, I learned that Anthony Bourdain is always right.

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