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Where Do Curvy Women Buy Clothes in Spain?

If you're on your way to Spain and wondering where to shop if you're curvy, pear-shaped, top-heavy, or any other asinine metaphor society uses to describe a woman's body, we can help. We're not down with being compared to fruit or inanimate objects, but we can tell you where to find jeans that don't make you feel like a sausage. Let's point you in the right direction!

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Time To Splurge: Here's Why You'll Always Spend More In Airports

Each year consumers spend billions of dollars on luxury products—relatively expensive products that provide increased prestige without providing additional utilitarian value. If you’ve been on a trip out of the country or at least flown in an international airport, you probably have noticed the increase in luxury retailers in the shopping area. Do you indulge in guilt free duty free? 

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Underneath it All: Lingerie for Every Shape, Shade & Size

There comes a time for many of us living abroad when hauling merchandise from back home can get tiring, or worse, expensive. Bras in particular are such items, ubiquitous yet hard to get just right. Fortunately, we’re in good hands here in Spain. Although there are a few Spain-specific brands, a few of the shops featured on this list ship internationally! Women deserve to feel both sexy and comfortable no matter where they are in the world! Check out these shops for your bra and undergarment related needs.

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