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5 Things to Know Before Attending a Spanish Bullfight

I wanted to immerse myself in the country’s rich history and culture; so I decided to attend one of Spain’s most famous rituals, the Bullfight. The sport has a longstanding history in Spain and many people involved in the sport pride themselves in keeping this part of Spain’s history alive. Over time, the fight has evolved to what it is today.  Here's what you should know! 

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Oneika The Traveller

Oneika is one of our favorite WOC travelers that has been shaping the scene for a while now. Having traveled to over 76 countries and not just honing the title of a traveler but a true expat, we were honored to chat with her. We got to hear her advice for those hesitant to take the leap, how she's grown her blog tenfold, the beauty of traveling with your partner and more. Read up on our Wanderlust Wednesday interview and learn all about Oneika. 

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