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Remote Work in Spain, Exclusive Interview with Business Analyst Christine

“Go slow! You’ll get farther, faster, healthier and happier!” Ever wonder what it’s like working remotely in Spain? Want to try remote work? Meet Christine, a business analyst from Atlanta and based in Barcelona! Hear all she has to say about working remotely in Spain!

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Working Remotely: 6 Tools Digital Nomads Use to Stay Organized

Remote work isn't for everyone as it requires a different skillset. Those who opt to work remotely tend to have exceptional organizational skills, above-average time management capabilities and also highly self-motivated. In order to meet deadlines, dedicate the appropriate amount of time to each client and also balance a personal life, staying organized is essential.

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Why Spain Is The Best Country For Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

For all of the digital nomads, remote workers or frequent travelers out there, a common question that comes up is… where are the best places to work and live?The world is a big place and there are so many amazing locations to explore but here are 5 reasons why Spain might just be one of the best countries for digital nomads, remote workers and creatives to live.

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