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If This, Then That: New Music Edition

As the new year blossoms, we all look for new music to fill our headphones and help us through the winter doldrums and blues. So let this guide help you find your new favorite artist that you didn’t even know existed. From an elusive chanteuse by the name of H.E.R. to Toronto’s new crown prince of rap, Jazz Cartier, this list will have music that will carry you through summer.

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Cozy Up: LMDES Winter Vibes Playlist

One of my favorite parts about this time of the year is the feeling of wearing my favorite warm cardigan, a giant scarf, sipping tea and feeling at peace. The temperature drops, the days become shorter, and the year slowly comes to an end. Whether you're working at the office, enjoying some quiet time with a book or chilling with bae, put on this playlist and let the winter vibes flow.

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