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5 Things You Need to Do Your First Year Abroad

I have a lot of goals and philosophies that guide the way I lead my life, but they can all be basically summed up by my desire to live life to its fullest and have no regrets. At times this can be a tough order to fill, especially when I reflect on past mistakes. Hindsight vision really is 20/20, but I try to look at these mistakes as an opportunity to learn something and better myself. As the saying goes, experience is life’s greatest teacher… or something like that.

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Do It For The ‘Gram: How To Capture The Perfect IG Photo

As many of us know, IG the highlight reel of our lives as we show the trips we take, the fun people we meet and the stylish pics of us dressed in the garments we bought while on our latest vacation to some remote island off the coast of Croatia. Being someone who is guilty of spending a decent amount of timing on getting the right shot on Instagram, I want to share some tips and tricks for those of you who are hoping to up your game. We all have an inner photographer in us, so now is the time to let her shine! 

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Lee of Spirited Pursuit

Spirited Pursuit is one of those sites that you can get lost in for hours, scrolling from article to article, filling your wanderlust and escaping into different worlds. With a mission to not just share more than just your typical travel stories, Lee Litumbe really knows how to shape a narrative with photography and words. We had the honor of chatting with her to hear why she started the brand, advice for those who want to start their blogging journey and how she's working on consciously documenting the stories of Africa in a different light. 

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