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The Ultimate Travel Accessory for the Digital Nomad

Quite often people associate travel with vacation, but, we have to remember that there are many people out there whose lifestyles entail seeing different parts of the world as their job. We call them, the digital nomads; those of our generation who don’t let location affect productivity, whose work desks can be found on a beach, in a café or whichever AirBnb they happen to be staying at for the week. When you’re always on the move, organization is key and when it comes to travel essentials, This is Ground is on the top of our list.

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5 Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling

We all know how difficult it can be to stay in shape on the day-to-day but staying in shape while traveling takes some additional self-motivation. Personally speaking, one of the many reasons I travel is to taste new foods... and by taste I mean, devour at least two courses per meal so I don't miss out on anything. Add this to a crazy schedule and combine it with a lack of routine and eventually anyone's waistline will start to expand. Here are some of my favorite things to keep in shape while on the move. 

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