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Here's Why Northern Spain Needs to be Your Next Trip

The beauty of a country like Spain is that it is filled with a myriad of landscapes, cultures, languages and history. Each region has something special to offer and the north of the country feels like a romantic escape that will have you wanting to spend time in solitude exploring the city streets and luscious countryside. If the north of Spain has never been on your radar, here are a few reasons why it should be.

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A Different Side of Spain: Why Tarragona Needs to Be on Your List

Summer time means longer days of exploration and adventure, and nights of shared moments with the ones you love. In Spain, it means traveling, sun, and plenty of beaches. Whether you’re finishing up your year abroad in Spain or whether you’re thinking of taking a trip here in the summer, the Catalonian hub called Tarragona should be on your travel list.

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