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4 Spanish Wines to Take You Through The Rest of Summer

Summer is a glorious time, everything is in full bloom and we feel carefree and alive.  Now is the time to drink wines that celebrate life but also stand up to the heat. For that, we need something, lighter and fruitier but dry; a wine that will stand up to classic summer foods like barbecue chicken, potato salad, ceviche or gazpacho. The Spanish happen to do summer wines better than almost anyone else. Here are five Spanish wines to celebrate life to the fullest.

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LMDES Event Recap: Madrid Afternoon Soirée

A few weeks ago, over 50 people of color came together one Saturday afternoon to celebrate life and the thriving community of expats in Spain. When living abroad, there is nothing more comforting than feeling like you’re a part of a collective of like-minded individuals. The afternoon was filled with meaningful conversation, inspiring stories and influencers from many different fields coming together for a memorable time. Find out more of what happened at the LMDES Madrid Soirée!

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