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The Official 'Get Your Ish Together' Checklist for the New Year

Do what works best for you in the end, because the best gift you could ever receive or give is to be your own advocate. There’s no fix-all solution to life’s problems, but these small changes can help to clear your path of the emotional clutter that you may acquire throughout the year.

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Out with the Old: 5 Creative Ways to Organize Your Closet

There are people who swear by Marie Kondo's "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" but frankly, I'm a bit past the point of having a heart-to-heart with each t-shirt I own to see if it brings me joy or not. I'd probably go mad before I made it through the Winter section of my closet. That said, here are a few creative ways to re-organize your closet! 

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