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The Hard Truth: Growing Pains Are Universal

Unless it's something very very specific that you want... like baguettes and fresh jamón for instance in Spain.. you aren't going to find a solution to your real issues by up and moving. As great as my bedroom view of Madrid is, it will get old fast. The language, the change of pace, the newness... all of that will lose it’s freshness & you'll be left wondering why you are still unhappy? Why is this dope ass opportunity still a bit unfulfilling, unsatisfying?

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Puppy Love: How To Bring Your Dog When You Move Abroad

You love your pet, not everybody gets that, but I do. And Spain, hard as it tries, it is not a third world country. If you’ve managed to live on your own and care for you pet, you’ll manage to do the same in Spain without much additional effort. So let’s get right to it. Here are tips for how to move abroad with your pet. 

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