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Black in Spain: Beauty Standards and Exoticisms

As a black person living in a country like Spain where the population is largely homogenous – at least in outward appearance – it’s not an uncommon occurrence to find out that you’ve instantly become a walking museum exhibit. For many, you’re one of the few chances they have to get an up-close look – or touch – of this rarely-seen specimen that is a black person. Does that mean it’s ok for someone to breach your personal space for a rub of your skin or a grab at your hair? No. But it does help explain why it’s happening. 

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Black In Spain: Morena, Negra... What's In a Name?

African-American, black, colored, negro. All of these terms are familiar to me. They have been used to describe my features, my race, my people – both in the past and present – in the country I call home. But what do I call myself here? Read more to hear about this narrative on race in Spain. 

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Poco a Poco: On Spanish Language and Political Correctness

I have a really bad habit of translating thoughts from English to Spanish when I want to communicate, which anyone will tell you is completely disruptive to language learning. Nonetheless, after 3 years, it’s a bad habit I’ve been steadfast at keeping. This summer, I’ve been turning over a new leaf by poco a poco reading more in Spanish, writing down and looking up colloquial phrases when they come up...

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