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5 Things No One Told Me About Interracial Dating

We're all the same… unless we're shopping for sunscreen, then our differences are highlighted a tiny bit. As an inter-racial and inter-cultural couple, we've been riding the hilariously entertaining roller coaster that is dating, with the added bonus of navigating our cultural differences. Join us, through our fumbles and triumphs.

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I'm A Mixed Girl Born In Spain... But I Feel American

I’m a mixed girl, a child of immigrants that was born in Spain. I was raised in Spain, I studied in Spain and am currently living in Spain. But do I feel Spanish? Absolutely not. There’s not one single drop of Spanish in my blood. My ancestors did not participate in Spanish history, I do not have a Spanish family, I do not feel represented in Spanish media, I do not like paella, nor jamón and I deeply dislike toros. 

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