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Five Reasons Why You Need to Get Tinder When You're Abroad

Okay, it’s time to talk about Tinder. Don’t worry; this article isn’t going to make you feel horrible about yourself if you use it. We get it… we know the story, dating nowadays is tough. Some people might even say that dating culture doesn’t exist anymore. For reasons like this, many people turn to Tinder in hopes of meeting new people (guilty as charged). This isn’t to say that people who use the app don’t believe in true love but sometimes it just comes down to the fact that we live in a busy, fast-paced society and it’s an easy way to get to know others.

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6 Reasons Why Millennials Are The Best Travelers Ever

They say Millennials are irresponsible and impulsive. We’re constantly being told not to disrupt the status quo and to fall in line. But this is our time, and we’ve decided to live life on our own terms. We don’t want to be the mirror image of the ones that came before us. We’re carving out our own path and uniting the world.

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Wanderlust Wednesday: Aylin of One Young Traveler

“Finding beauty in the way people live” has become Aylin Marie’s gift. Her love for others and their experiences is showcased in the forward thinking travel platform, One Young Traveler. Come learn and explore about this fearless entrepreneur as she gives voice to a generation in our exclusive interview.

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