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Dig In With Much Bites: A Menu del Día Thats Worth It

La Colonial de Huertas is a Cuban joint with a mix of vibrant heat, super fresh ingredients and a pure, unadulterated passion for the art of filling a plate. This place offers a home-grown, no frills experience with Pura the chef at the heart of all the yummy food. It's impressive six day a week menu includes Cuban favorites such as Arroz a la Cubana, Cuban-style spaghetti with a meat packed sauce and green olives amongst other things called picadillo and the house specialty, Ropa Vieja – a shredded beef stew in a delicious tomato sauce; oh so tender and oh so flavorful.

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5 Sentences That Only Make Sense If You’ve Lived In Madrid

Just peanuts? I can say for a fact that my face drops tremendously when I see my ruby red glass of vino tinto and it’s followed not by plump olives or a towering pinxto, but stale, week-old peanuts and ambiguously shaped puff balls. It’s true that the tapas in cities like Córdoba, Granada and the pinxtos in the País Vasco put the rations in Madrid to shame, but a girl can dream.

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