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Do Long Distance Relationships Work? 5 Things to Consider First!

Although I’ve never been in one, I have however, turned down the opportunity. In fact, right before I moved to Spain I was faced with this decision with someone I was dating at the time. All love and admiration aside, there were concrete reasons why I knew that a long distance relationship wasn’t for me.Here are the factors I considered and what you should consider if you’re thinking about entering a long distance romance:

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The Beauty Of Coming Back: The Ups and Downs of Long Term Travel

Having the ability to travel the world is something that is a luxury that is not afforded to everyone. Being able to see and experience new places is a complete blessing that should not be taken in stride. In the last month, I was in constant movement, traveling for both work and pleasure but in that time, I became aware of the many affects that “long term travel” can have. Moving through different cities, 15 times in one month was an amazing learning experience and here’s some advice from what I’ve learned. 

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LMDES Event Recap: Madrid Afternoon Soirée

A few weeks ago, over 50 people of color came together one Saturday afternoon to celebrate life and the thriving community of expats in Spain. When living abroad, there is nothing more comforting than feeling like you’re a part of a collective of like-minded individuals. The afternoon was filled with meaningful conversation, inspiring stories and influencers from many different fields coming together for a memorable time. Find out more of what happened at the LMDES Madrid Soirée!

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