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5 Life Lessons On Growing Locs

It’s always beautiful to see women enjoy their natural beauty. It seems natural hair has also become a strong growing movement in the last few years, where women are embracing and loving their kinks and curls to the fullest! The rise in natural hair care information (through YouTube, blogs, websites etc.) has also made it easier than ever before to explore how versatile our hair really is.  

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5 Protective Styles To Keep Your Hair Flawless this Fall

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to cooler temperatures it’s time to switch up many aspects of our daily lives. Now that autumn is upon us we’re switching out the iced tea for warm apple cider, and crop tops for chunky sweaters and boots. Our skincare regimens may also change, opting for more moisture in our routines to keep our melanin glowing. But it doesn’t end there!

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