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5 Ways to Live in Spain Long Term

Perhaps you're in love with the idea of Spain and its sandy beaches, perpetually blue skies and exquisite cuisine. It's possible that you've settled into a job that you adore, and have no intention of leaving any time soon. Maybe you've fallen in love with an actual Spaniard and you don't want to live anywhere else.

Whatever your backstory, here's what you need to know about living in Spain long term.

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What It's Like Living Abroad with Anxiety

Living with anxiety isn't easy under most circumstances, let alone while living in a foreign country. If you think that you can create a laundry list of hypotheticals and concerns in the house you were born and raised in, in a city you know like the back of your hand, around people you've known all your life, imagine throwing in a Barney bag of craziness and unpredictability into the mix. It's literally nuts.

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The Importance of Sisterhood When Living Abroad

You'll cross paths with many a wanderer while living abroad, especially if you're stationed semi-permanently in a home-base. You'll meet all kinds of travelers and expats, and you'll begin to see the group thin out as the years go. Don't be discouraged. From my experience, the connections that I've made with some extraordinary people have a lasting power that neither of us anticipated! That said, living abroad and finding female friends means being discerning, but also open and vulnerable. 

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What to Expect and Avoid While Apartment Hunting Abroad

You’re moving to a new country and don’t know the language. You also don’t know where you will be living once you arrive, now isn’t that an anxiety attack in a box? First, take a deep breath and relax. There are always going to be things that may seem daunting at first but with the right intel, anyone who is serious about moving abroad can help make their personal transition as painless as possible.

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