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I Ain’t Sorry: Small Steps To Start Living Unapologetically This Year

We are constantly looking to be the best versions of ourselves and to live an authentic life. It's time to take the steps you need to become the kind of person that turns heads when you walk in the room. The solution is different than what you think! 

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The Importance of Sisterhood When Living Abroad

You'll cross paths with many a wanderer while living abroad, especially if you're stationed semi-permanently in a home-base. You'll meet all kinds of travelers and expats, and you'll begin to see the group thin out as the years go. Don't be discouraged. From my experience, the connections that I've made with some extraordinary people have a lasting power that neither of us anticipated! That said, living abroad and finding female friends means being discerning, but also open and vulnerable. 

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Creating An Authentic Life: How Self-Care Leads to Joy

I believe it is time we reclaim the wisdom of self-care from this backlash with the truth of what self-care is really all about, what self-care really looks like and how practicing a lifestyle of self-care, especially for those who work in service of others, is necessary, essential and can be achieved without the luxury price tag. Learn how! 

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