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The Importance of Sisterhood When Living Abroad

You'll cross paths with many a wanderer while living abroad, especially if you're stationed semi-permanently in a home-base. You'll meet all kinds of travelers and expats, and you'll begin to see the group thin out as the years go. Don't be discouraged. From my experience, the connections that I've made with some extraordinary people have a lasting power that neither of us anticipated! That said, living abroad and finding female friends means being discerning, but also open and vulnerable. 

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Reflections on Life Abroad: Advice to my Younger Self

Pondering the last decade, or so, of my life has been prevalent more than ever lately. Undoubtedly, because I just turned another year older. Another year older, another year wiser, right? So, what advice would my wiser, more mature self, give to my younger, inept self? Here goes…

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5 Ways to Feel Connected When You're Far Away from Home

Let's be frank: even the most experienced of travelers feel moments of longing for home. In this case, home doesn't necessarily refer to a building with four walls and a roof insomuch as it alludes to comfort zone, area code, continent, loved ones, frame of mind, or version of yourself in a specific moment and place in time. How do we as nomads, explorers, or passport-stamp addicts feel close when we're so far away? 

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